Consular Services

On these pages you may find information about what kind of assistance the Consulate offers.

As a general rule, the Norwegian Foreign Service, which includes the Norwegian Consulates abroad, will assist all Norwegian citizens as well as foreigners who have permanent residence in Norway.

Consular services include marriage applications for Norwegian nationals marrying Thai nationals, verification and legalization of documents, issuing of passports to children under the age of 12 years, issuing of letter for Thai driving license, issuing of pension certificate to use when applying for a 1-year visa in Thailand, as well as assistance in connection with illness and death and assistance in prison cases etc. Please note that the consulate cannot issue any visas for Thai nationals wishing to go to Norway, but only provide information about the visa application process. In cases of urgent need, the Consulate can assist you in the transfer of money (financial assistance) from references in Norway through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please note that the Norwegian Foreign Service is not empowered to grant funds in cases where Norwegian nationals are in need while travelling or living abroad. This applies whether it concerns requests to borrow money for a ticket back to Norway, payment of hospital bills, medical evacuation to Norway or transportation home of a deceased without any travel insurance. It also applies to paying for extra provisions for Norwegian citizens imprisoned abroad, expenses in connection with court cases abroad, including lawyer's fees, travel and living expenses in connection with evacuations in case of civil unrest etc.

If the Consulate provides assistance to you, you will generally be charged a fee for our assistance, but there are a few exceptions. For example in cases concerning child abductions, prison cases, and where serious crimes have been committed against Norwegian nationals.

Please note that advice and recommendations on this homepage are given with the usual provision for errors and omissions and that the Consulate is not responsible for any damages or loss as a result of the information given on this home page.

Edited March 23, 2010