Marriage in Norway

To marry in Norway, you need a “Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage”. This you can get through the local National Registration office. However, if you have never resided in Norway it has to go through the Revenue Directorate (Skattedirektoratet).

The following documentation needs to be handed in:

  • Declaration by the parties to the marriage prior to verification of compliance with the conditions for marriage
  • Statement by the sponsor
  • Declaration of change of marital status
  • Application of name change (voluntarily)

If you are not residing in Norway, please give the following documentation:

  • Documentation of residence in Norway
  • Documentation from Thailand showing no impediment to marriage:
    • The document must be original
    • The document must be legalised
    • The document must be no older than 4 months
    • The document must be translated, stamped and signed by an authorised translator.
    • Both the original document and the translation must be given
  • Birth certificate, or other documentation (passport) which confirms name and date of birth
  • If you are divorced abroad, documentation must be given to the county mayor in advance for approval. This is still necessary even though a foreign authority has issued a certificate of no impediment to marriage.

The original Thai documents should be legalized in the following manner:

1. The Certifcates, and the translations of these*, should first be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Consular Affairs
Legalisation Division
123 Chaeng Wattana Road
Bangkok 10210
Tel: +66(0)2503-3905 to -3907 and (0)2 575-1056 to -1059

The processing time for legalisation is approximately 2-3 working days.

Click here in Thai or in English to download a map of where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located

*) There are Translation Offices located near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's building in Bangkok. Please note, however, that the Consulate reserves the right to reject legalisation of an incorrect translation, even though it may have been legalised by the Legalisation Division.

2. The Consulate can then legalize the signature of the Legalisation Division for a fee. Please allow 2 working days for this process. Link to Consular Service Fees. Please see the Embassy’s website at: for more information.