The consulate can do any business as a notarius publicus in Norway can perform. This include among other things:

  • Certify signatures

  • Certify true copy

  • Certify that a statement of will has been submitted by a certain person

  • Certify legitimacy of information

  • Write statements or evidences

The consulate will perform as notarius publicus only when there is a connection to Norway or Norwegian interests. For regular Thai notarial cases an authorized Thai lawyer should be contacted.


Legalization of Documents

A legalisation is a confirmation of an official signature – this process is an intermediate stage which is often necessary when one needs to show an official document from one country to the authorities in another country (e.g. a Thai birth certificate which is needed to apply for a Norwegian child passport, or a Norwegian marriage certificate which is needed to register one's marriage in Thailand).


Please refer to the two subcategories for more information: