1-year visa for Norwegian nationals in Thailand

The Norwegian consulate in Pattaya can issue a pension/income certificate to Norwegians residing in Thailand. This certificate may be used when applying for a 1-year visa at the Thai Immigration Bureau.

To obtain a pension/income certificate from the Consulate, please contact the consulate and bring:

  • Valid Passport
  • Original pension/income documentation
    • This should be the latest Inland Revenue Certificate (Likningsattest), pension receipt from NAV or pay check
  • Documented address in Thailand (e.g House book or rental contract)

It is important that you present your correct Thai address including all necessary details.

This should be included in your address,

Number    : xx (property number)/ xx (house number/apartment number)
Moo          : Moo 12
Tambon    : Nongprue
Amphoe    : Banglamung
Province   : Chonburi
Zip code   : 20260 

Please allow 1-2 working days for the consulate to issue the pension/income certificate.

After you have collected the certificate at the consulate, you should bring it to the Thai Immigration Office together with the other documents requested by the Immigration Bureau (Please see the List of documents for extension of stay in case of Retirement on the Immigration Bureau's web site: http://www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/en/base.php?page=service#. It is found under the category Visa Extension and subcategory to spend the remainder of life.

For any further information regarding VISA or cases with the Thai Immigration Bureau, please visit their website. 
All forms regarding Thai Immigration Bureau, is available in the link under, in downloadable files which you can print and fill out.  http://www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/en/base.php?page=download


The address of the local Immigration Office in Pattaya is:

No 75/256, Moo 12, Soi 5, Jomtien Beach Road
Tambon Nongprue, Amphoe Banglamung
Chonburi 20150

Business hours:

Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Tel: 038 252 750
Fax: 038 252 751


One year retirement visa based on OTHER types of visas than the required NON-Immigrant visa.

Norwegian nationals who want to apply for one year retirement visa but do NOT have the required NON-immigrant visa can apply for a CHANGE of visa to be NON-immigrant visa at immigration. HOWEVER – please be informed that the immigration office in Pattaya presently is then required to have the pension / income verification letter issued by the Consulate legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok – see legalizations.

This requirement for legalization of the consulate certificate does NOT apply to normal extensions of one years visa or one years visas applied for based on correct NON-immigrant visa.

To legalize the document, you an either do it yourself at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok, or through a lawyer office.

NOTE: If you request a change of visa, this has to be done not later than 15 days before your other visa expires.

Please note this is for general information only - for details and updates please refer to Thai immigration office